"Whatever You Feel, She Feels." 



I think women are lives biggest teachers.

The very essence of women, is that of nature.

They live in the present moment by default.

They are emotional beings that react to the energy of the present moment.

They are designed, for example, to respond to the alpha energy in a room at any given time, Which can change from moment to moment.

Her energy is the weather, which can go from sunny to rainy in a few seconds.

Logic can’t change a woman’s mind, no more then asking the wind not to blow will stop it from blowing.

Wind blow’s because there are an infinite number of forces that are at work.

The ocean current in Antarctica.

The heat rising off the sahara.

The flap of a butterfly wing in Africa.

A woman’s emotions are the same, deep and unknowable.

A man’s energy is the polar opposite.

And women reward men for remaining at the other end of the spectrum.

Man is the OM, the constant empty space that allows nature to react and be, un-moved by her ferociousness.

The real man is the rock, unchanged and centered on his one purpose to support the ever expanding creation of life.

This is not by conscious choice, but by evolved feelings.

A woman doesn't care about a man’s emotions if he is not being a man.

They simply don’t care.

Women respond to what’s right in nature. And nature is perfect.

Every big breakthrough I’ve learned about myself has been directly or indirectly caused by the pain or pleasure a woman has caused me.

From not responding to my neediness, to moving to the next level in my life because of a painful breakup.

Or to stepping up to become more of a man to win the love of a woman I am fascinated by.

Women have moved my male energy all over the world, inspired me to build businesses, renew myself, get braces, eat healthier, workout, drink less, become more spiritually aligned and centered. while also not taking shit from other men. Even stepping up to lead them.

Constantly motivating me back to my center.  To my true nature.

I love every women I’ve known, because they have all been like mirrors to my soul.

Every one, showing me the image of myself in that moment.

In her complexity, she is always ready to dance if I am just man enough to lead.