"All I ever wanted was freedom"


Since I was a teenager I became fascinated by the idea of becoming a multi-millionaire and living life without ever having to work for another person. I read thousands of books, attended seminars, and joined just about every "get rich quick" money scheme out there. I actually did become financially independent at a very young age. Amassing a net worth of nearly half a million dollars in cash and real estate equity by the age of 23. For me it was never really about having the nice cars, and shiny objects, as it was about having complete control over my time. At the age of 29 however, after the market collapse of 2008, I somehow managed to get out alive with about $160,000 in cash.

I said fuck it, and took the opportunity to travel the world freely for a few years while I was still young. It was an amazing experience that changed my life forever. 5 years later, I'm realizing however, that I've lost site of those big dreams that used to inspire me as young man. As I grow in age, I'm becoming more aware then ever the importance of extreme wealth to live a truly encumbered lifestyle both in terms of personal freedom and the ability to provide for people I love. As of 2015, this is my new list of life goals, updated regularly, to keep me on course and inspired about my future. I suggest you make your own list as well. 


Build a company and sell it for $10,000,000 before the age of 40. 

Write an underground bestselling book 

Hire an architect and build my dream home in Latin America. 

Attract my dream woman (see here) and start an amazing family. 

Dive the Galapagos Islands to study Darwins Theory of Evolution.
Report my findings in a very interesting way that relates to human dynamics.

Sail the world on a sail boat with my family.

Do a talk on Tedx and have one of the most viewed videos of all time.

Start a coaching program that helps depressed middle aged men, wake up and create a new path in their life for happiness and wealth.

Have some sort of impact on changing the education system.

Go on to create a global company in my 40 and 50s that will make me worth a $50,000,000 dollars or more. This will be my legacy. 

Teach my kids how to manage this when I’m gone

Live past 100 years old

Finish an Ironman.

Maintain 10 - 12% body fat in my old age.


Take 100 kids with cancer to a movie.


Bring down and giveaway 1000 laptops to poor kids in Colombia


Make a friend with someone who is dying.


Keep a woman happy and loyal for a lifetime. 


Create a youtube channel and get 100,000 followers


Create an email list of 1,000,000 people


Share the stage with someone famous


Give an awesome talk in front of 50,000 people


Build a Hotel / Retreat 40+ rooms on the beach somewhere where I will eventually retire.


Work at my hotel bar every night talking with guests from all over the world. 


Have swinger parties.


Beach front resort.