program - Nate Bunger

High Ticket Sales Funnel Development 

Hands down the fastest way to get out of the rat race and into the chips!

My core service is a sales funnel and high ticket marketing package. 

I work mainly with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, consultants, pro athletes, actors, and other experts who want to start an online business by packaging their services or expertise, or a combination of both, and offer it as  their main product for a high ticket price.

This is a done-with-you service for busy professionals or people who want to bypass the technical learning curve of setting up an online business and just get it done so they can start making money ASAP.

My service consists of 8 main parts: 

  1. Entrepreneurial Vision Development
  2. Business Hypothesis Development
  3. Business Hypothesis Testing
  4. Offer Development And Sales Funnel Buildout
  5. Driving Paid Traffic 
  6. Customer Acquistion
  7. Product Service Delivery
  8. Business Systemization

I'll describe each below...

Entrepreneurial Vision: 

We begin by crystalizing your vision for what you want to create with your life and business and your “why” for doing it. Some people call this finding your purpose beyond your purpose. You will move forward from here knowing with full confidence exactly what you want to do and the reasons that inspire you for doing it. We also map out your current habits and routines as well identify any limiting beliefs about your ability to achieve this new reality. We then develop a plan for overcoming these limitations by creating an entirely new model for thinking and taking action that will leave you feeling empowered and with a new sense of confidence and direction as you move forward. This is the foundation of my coaching program and will become the guiding light for all the work that follows. Some people say this is the most enlightening week of their lives. 

Business Hypothesis Development:

Next, armed with your new clarity, we turn our focus to the market to uncover opportunities and begin learning about our customer. Using online tools we begin to uncover where people are actively looking for solutions to problems you are proposing to solve and document the language they are using to describe those problems. In some cases, we do live survey calls with potential customers to learn even more. Starting with intuition, we verify our gut feelings with actual evidence of where and how money is being spent. Similar to how a fisherman studies the water to know where the fish are. 

Next, we create a company Avatar, (a fictitious client) complete with a name, personality traits, wants, needs, fears and desires. We dive deep into understanding this hypothetical persons thinking pattern and the language they use to describe their pains and desires with information in the previous step. Having a company avatar is critical for crafting the actual sales copy for your company about page and high ticket sales funnel.  

Business Hypothesis Testing: 

Next, we start by taking our business hypothesis into the market by developing a simple website that consists of a home page, an about page, a few blog posts and a contact page. At this point we are only looking for minimal online presence until we’ve proven your concept. Just enough to communicate your message and begin testing ideas to find our product market fit. If you already have a website, we will do an in depth look at how to restructure it so that it communicates with extreme clarity and is ready for testing. 

Next, we setup a simple sales funnel that will consist of a lead magnet, either in the form of a video or a PDF, that we will create together. We will use this as a giveaway in exchange for a customers email address. Next, using Facebook ads we begin driving small amounts of traffic to test hypothetical messages that speak to our target market. What we are trying to achieve here is a 30-40% conversion rate to uncover a powerful message that works to achieve that. Doing this will prove our hypothetical business has wings, but more importantly give us the words to use to communicate to our customers for future marketing.

Offer Development And Sales Funnel Buildout: 

Next, using all the data and feedback from market testing we begin crafting the copy and building out the sales funnel. We setup banking systems and online payment gateways and test to make sure everything is connected and working properly. 

When that's finished we move on to the next step. 

Driving Paid Traffic: 

Next, using the Facebook advertising platform, we develop an ad campaign with carefully selected target audiences, images and sales copy to begin our initial testing stages. Starting with a budget of $50 per day I will test the ads for conversion and pull the ads that are wasting money, then create new ads to beat the winners. (Called beating the control) This is an ongoing process of pulling ads that lose traction and create new ones to replace them to keep the campaign profitable. 

Customer Acquisition: 

By now we will have potential customers opting in to our sales funnel and we’re ready to start acquiring business. 

Our primary  goal is to get potential clients onto a phone call where you will present your offer and try to get a purchase directly over the phone. We will use a professional sales script crafted specifically for your product offer that we develop together. 

We continue testing during this phase to optimize and learn more about our customers and what they are looking for and make changes to our products and copy to further optimize our sales process. We make tweaks and changes to our offer, ads and overall business plan,  until we have a powerful customer acquisition system that is running smoothly and making a profit. By now we'll have gained a tremendous amount of clarity about the business and have new ideas for uncovering more opportunities. 

Product/Service Delivery: 

Next, we focus on developing a system for product or service delivery. We’re going to make sure that right from the beginning the product delivery gets done smoothly and efficiently. If you’re business is service based, then we will need to develop service contracts and packages in such a way that the transformation we are selling happens quickly and efficiently without drawing out the project. We continue to test and improve this process so that the minimum amount of effort is produced to create the customer transformation. 

Business Systemization: 

At this point, we will have a profitable business that is converting prospects to sales and making a profit. You will be a location independent entrepreneur. Now we look at the business we’ve created from a higher level and start to make tweaks and changes to discover where we can begin systemizing routine tasks, outsource work ranging from product creation, delivery and accounting and customer support. The idea is to get management time of the actual business system down to 10 hours per week or less, while maximizing profits. By this point, your dream of owning a systemized and profitable business around your core idea will be a reality. This process can take from 2-4 months. 


The price for this consulting package is $14,997, plus a $2,000 a month management fee after the initial 8 weeks for Facebook marketing and ongoing consulting.
*All subscriptions based apps, software and Facebook ad costs are not included.