"She wasn't doing a thing I could see, except standing there, leaning on the balcony railing, holding the Universe together"

-J.D. Salinger.  

I've been with many women in my life.

I did it for the experience, so that one day I would know how to manage "the relationship of my dreams" without fucking it up.

I'm not ashamed of it.

I never wanted to marry young.

Just look at our society and it's easy to see why. 

In fact, I feel sorry for the person who believes that love just "happens" to people and then last's forever. 

This is not reality.

 Love instead, is more like a flower, that when plucked and possessed eventually loses it's fragrance. 

The "feeling" of love is managed by the laws of nature, but it's maintained by a conscious effort from both people to awaken to the truth of who they really are beyond the physical.

This takes time and a very unique type of person.

Based on my experience, here is the type of woman I believe would make for a happy, relatively non confrontational relationship into old age, long after the "overwhelming" physical attraction wears off.

Sorry if I repeat myself a few times. Probably means it's really important. There are evolutionary reasons why many things on this list makes sense, even if you are offended by them.  


She is:


Bi-sexual or curious about being with other women

Not overly jealous

Likes sex but not too experienced

Would make a good mom

Hard worker 

Has values

Good hygiene

Has a good family example

breathtakingly beautiful (to me)

Not a slut or surrounded by tons of men.

Has more girlfriends then guy friends

Interested in personal growth

Healthy eating habits - “almost” vegetarian 

Socially Intelligent and intuitive

Self starter, educated

Deep lover once you get to know her - doesn’t fall in love too fast

Experienced Traveler

Speaks english and another language I don’t know

Good with kids

Has good values


Homebody, likes to relax at home, enjoys cooking good food and watching interesting movies

Loves to read

Enjoys wine

Doesn’t drink too much

Enjoys to read

Doesn’t like to go out all the time


Pushes me to succeed

Not dramatic

She is Awakened

Very spiritual

Loves to cook
Loves to read
Loves to fuck

Loves to cuddle and be touched

Not too needy

Good hygiene

Life mate

Wants family

Good genes

Beautiful skin and smells good all the time

Long legs, slender, fresh and clean

Innocent but adventurous

Good taste in movies and books

A good balance of being able to teach me as much as I can teach her

Teaches me a new way of being and seeing the world (my feminine side)

I enjoy taking interest in things she’s interested in

I enjoy and am motivated to be romantic towards her

Between the ages of 24 to 29

Enjoys working out or being active

likes to travel to exotic places


Loves to work

Her work is complimentary to my work

So we can work together and join forces

She is respectful and gives me my place

Also demands her place

Well traveled


Great laugh

Beautiful eyes

Ages well

Takes good care of herself

Quiet at times (not always feeling the need to break the silence)

Comfortable silence with her

Amazing to fall asleep with, and wake up next to


Not selfish

Not a sugar (junk food) fanatic

Forgiving (doesn’t hold long grudges)

Good taste, good style, good fashion



Not (too) needy

Has an interesting story

Comes from an middle to upper class family

She is close to her family

Speaks english and other language

I get along with her parent(s)

Parents are generous with her, but she is not spoiled

She is also generous

Has connections with awesome people

Enjoys resting relaxing after hard work

Challenges me

Understanding, always tends to “get it” and act accordingly

Shorter then me

I love her smell, intoxicating

Good sense of fashion

Extreme attraction when we see each other


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