Location Independence For Photography and Building a Retreat.


My life has unfolded like a movie in so many ways. Experiences I could have never imagined have come to pass. I can honestly say I've accomplished almost everything I’ve ever wanted in my life at this point. 

However, the same things don’t motivate me anymore. Creating freedom for the goal of more outside stimulation or more experiences are not what drive me. 

I don’t believe you can find who you truly are through any outside experience. No matter how exotic. 

A few weeks ago I just turned 36 years old, and in a lot of ways I feel like it was a crossing point into a new book of my life. Not a new chapter, a new book. 

Now more then ever I feel it’s time to give. To embrace the full masculine energy that flows through me, which is by it’s nature one of giving. To the extent that I can give and create for the purpose of good on this planet, in this dimension, will be to the extent that I live according to my truest purpose as a man.

I believe creating freedom for the sake of wandering around the world soon becomes a toxic situation that nothing lasting can be built from. The human condition is a balance of focused wandering followed by long periods of building. We need community and we need routine to be at our happiest and most fulfilled. 

It’s not to say that you shouldn’t experience traveling, I think you should. I think everyone should take at least a year and let go to travel around the world. It’s an amazing way to discover who you truly are. To understand humanity and the human condition. But eventually you will get tired and crave stability and a drive to create something that gives your life meaning. 

So my new vision for the type of freedom is about buying land and building a retreat that will serve as my home base for at least the next decade of my life. I believe this place will be located in Colombia, although I’m not quite sure. 

I want to begin learning about cultivating my own garden and growing organic foods. I want to spend a lot of time being present at this place, living with animals and perhaps even starting a family. I want to work on creative projects and hold workshops, inviting people from all over the world to come and learn about living more purpose driven lives. 

I ALSO want to experience more traveling, but this time with more purpose. Things like taking a few months to travel and take photography. Speaking or just going to spend time with a mentor. Traveling for the sake of wandering doesn’t excite me anymore. I’ve discovered that if your not careful it can very easily pull you off your path and further into the illusion that outside experiences can fulfill you. 

I remain open to see what unfolds, but at this moment finding land that I can pay for in cash and build on is clearly where I want to go. 

I believe an exponential period of change is about to unfold on this planet and having your own property paid for in a good climate where you can take advantage of solar energy and growing your own food is going to be very important. 

The freedom and cashflow that I create during the next few years is crucial to achieving this goal. I have started a process of saving all extra funds to pay for the intitial steps in this process, starting with the purchase of a 4x4 vehicle to start searching for land, to architectural drawings and eventually the initial materials and labor, piece by piece, until it’s done.