My Daily Workflow For Maximum Efficiency.

This post is to describe the perfect work day for total efficiency to ensure maximum productivity. 

This one was easy because I already had this content written. This is basically how I normally live my day unless I’m interrupted by moving to new places. Once I get setup in a new place it takes me a few days to accustom, but then I like to get back into a similar routine to the one below. 

  • I wake up around 6:30 to 7:30am, make coffee. Black, no sugar, no cream. I like to sit for a few minutes in complete silence to wake up. If it’s early enough, I like to relax in the jacuzzi with a book or my journal while I drink several cups of coffee.
  • Everyday I make a habit of practicing a six step meditation. I put on my headphones and play isochronic theta tones, like this one. You can read why here. While listening to the tones I imagine a white light forming in my chest that gets bigger and bigger to expands over the city where I live, then the country, the continent and eventually the world. I imagine the light having a certain frequency as it expands. Once it reaches to encompass the whole world, I imagine turning up the frequency very slightly using an imaginary volume knob. As the frequency changes all mind structures of society shift and the world experiences an instant transformation towards a more harmonious way of living. I also visualize the experiences I want to bring into my life. And I visualize myself forgiving people throughout my past who have done something to hurt me. I try not to leave my bed until I feel at peace with myself and whatever is happening in my life at the moment.
  • After that, I like to sit at my computer and create a to-do list for the day using Evernote. The top 3 things I would love to get done. I work on those tasks for the first few hours, then stop to go the gym. 
  • I like to lift heavy or do Crossfit type workouts. Deadlifts are my favorite.
  • After the gym I prepare a healthy paleo style meal or sometimes go to a nearby restaurant. After lunch, I come back to my house and rest. Living in Latin America, I became accustomed to taking a siesta. I think it’s important to take a daily nap. After the nap, I do another meditation session. This time a guided mediation session like this one. 
  • After my nap and mediation I usually make a giant fruit smoothie and go back to work, often playing deep house music or bachata in the background. After 3-4 hours of working, I usually take a long break and go out to dance, have a drink with someone or sit in the park and talk. After that, I usually go back to work for a few hours and try to go to bed before midnight to make sure I'm not tired the next day.