My Life Vision For The Next 3 Years.

This is a detailed vision of what my life will look, feel and act like by December 2020. 

What I do

I create co-living spaces that are becoming the home base for the new rising consciousness as well as photography and video commentary that causes a shift in perception of everyday thinking. I am helping change the vibration on the planet and playing some type of role in leading humanity to a new level of awareness. 

How I Feel

I feel engaged in my work as if something is doing it through me. I am inspired to create more amazing co-living spaces, take engaging photography, and record video commentary to share with the world. I feel an acceptance of my material and projects as they move through the Internet unlike anything I could have imagined. 

I feel my projects accepted and people wanting to invest in their growth, both in terms of finances and time spent building and managing them. 

I feel free from the obligations of daily operations and government paperwork in each region. 

I feel free and able to focus on the things I enjoy especially in the creative pursuits. I feel financially abundant beyond anything I’ve experienced. 

I feel amazing as a I travel the world to new and exotic places I’ve never been, meeting people from walks of life previously unknown to me. I make new friends that change the way I see the world. I look back at these days in awe and wonder. 

My Global Offerings

I offer comfortable and affordable living solutions in my many co-living concepts around Latin America and eventually the world. 

I offer prints of my photography for sale, one of which has sold for a price that looks like a phone number. This allows me to do more then I ever dreamed possible in other areas of my life. 

I get paid to speak and consult around the world for builders, governments, and other organizations on the growing trends in co-living, rising consciousness and nature of reality. And who know’s what else.

I offer online courses and live workshops in photography and the art of bending reality to create quantum shifts in one's life experience.

Culture and Spirit

The culture and spirit of my organizations is one of honesty, awareness and presence. I attract to me people who want to assist my causes and work with me in every way possible. Some of the people I work with will become friends that I will grow with into old age. 

Brand and Image

Our brand and image becomes like a beacon for good and the awakening consciousness. Everything I put out will reflect progression, transformation, awareness and change. 

Sponsors and Partners

I am attracting large organizations with millions of dollars to invest in growing a chain of co-living spaces throughout latin america and beyond. These partners are highly experienced in managing and growing these types of properties, they are an intelligent group of people with high integrity and good ethics. There is incredible synergy between us. They become the basis for my future success in many ways. 


I learn to lead by speaking to my employees as well as followers both online and in my businesses. I realize how good of a speaker I can be by doing it more often. 

I polarize people one way or the other, some are passionate while others hate me, and I am ok with it either way. 

I am a being of service and light. I am generous, humorous and influential. 

Team and Ambassadors

I have amazing leaders and employees operating the organization, from design and building, to photography and social media, all the way to operations and finances. I have incredible talent looking to work with us and wanting to stay. 

They have a personal sense of responsibility in each project and strive to do world class work. 


My business affairs are extremely systemized and operating free from my daily involvement. This happens from more involvement of third parties to better management of the day to day, despite rapid growth, I find that my free time actually increases more and more in the years that come. 


I get media mentions without having to smooze or barter. Just by default of what I'm doing. The media mention comes by surprise and changes everything overnight for the better.

Wealth Creation

My wealth creation comes from simplifying my life and saving money, to the growth of my brands across all platforms, real estate, online events, photography, consulting and speaking. There is also an unexpected windfall of cash that comes to me from somewhere that completely transforms my situation. 

Wellness and Balance

I am moving my body everyday. Light crossfit routines and heaving lifting. Some cardio on the row machine or bike. 

My diet is light paleo - vegetarian. Essentially small amounts of meat with large amounts of fruits and vegetables. I’m learning more about healthy eating all the time. I enjoy cooking more then ever. 

Mentors of Osmosis

The people and photographers I will study about in the coming years will soon become colleagues and friends. I will create interesting alliances with small hotel chain owners and create lasting friendships that turn into business relationships. 

Family Friends and Relationships

I create new bonds with people I can’t even imagine, and those bonds will last for the rest of my life. I see my parents more often, I see my son, I see my cousin Joe, I see his kids. There is a mutual respect between us all. 

I start a family and have a healthy kid. I make peace with women and love one forever.