My "Why" For Wanting To Create More Freedom In My Life. 

Here’s to keeping it simple. These are my current “Why’s” for wanting to create more freedom and wealth in my life right now. It was easy because I already had them written for the past few months. 

My Why's For Wanting More Freedom and Wealth:

  • To have the time and resources to engage more fully in social media and photography with the hopes of having an awakening effect on human consciousness. 
  • To feel like Im living an amazing adventure.
  • That my work makes me financially abundant at a level I’ve not yet experienced. 
  • To buy land and build a beautiful home with an architect. All paid for in cash. 
  • To grow a lush and healthy garden on my property and feed my close friends, employees and family.
  • To start an amazing family that gives me happiness everyday.
  • To wake up everyday and love what I do.
  • To be recognized around the world for my work.
  • To live healthy and age slowly.
  • Free from all disease.
  • To be a man of influence.