3 Things that can stop you from creating massive momentum in life.

I wrote this in about 10 minutes just to get it done and keep moving on as a way to create momentum....I gave myself about 2 minutes to correct any typos so I apologize if there is any errors along the way. I’m doing these posts as a way to create momentum on my own website and online presence. I’ve actually had this website live since 2006 when I first bought my domain for my personal name. So this post is actually a perfect starting point as I’ve obviously started and quit many times before. 

I write this post not only for myself, but for those of you who have tried to start something like a blog or a new business online but get hung up along the way with details that inevitably stop you. 

Before I get into the actual “things” that could stop you, lets talk about the fact that there has probably been many ventures in your life that you started and made into a success.  

For example in my case, I know what it’s like to be very passionate about a business or idea. I know what it’s like to work on a business until it changes my life both financially and with what I learn as a result. 

I’m in one of those situations right now in fact. 

I’ve spent the last 4 years building up an award winning hotel concept in Latin America. The business has recently become profitable and systemized enough to liberate me from having to work a normal day job. This in turn has enabled me to focus on things like this, which is a pretty amazing feeling to be very honest. The entire process, although an extremely large amount of energy went into it, was almost always fun. To this day I love my hotel business and thinking of ways to grow it and keep it full. 

I tell you this because it’s very likely you have also had things in your life that you have seen through until the end. Things you became very passionate about and the energy to make it a success filled you up to make it a reality.

But for some reason the online business scene has always been very hard for me to keep momentum with. But here I am ten years later still pulled by the idea of building a large following online.

So here are some insights on why we stop at things in the first place without ever giving them a chance to grow:

  1. The idea for the business is not very clear. In other words you have some general ideas of what your trying to achieve, but you're not giving yourself the gift of clarity by narrowing down a direction that is easy to explain to yourself or others. 
  2. You haven’t found your passion. The idea you're going after is simply not in in-line with what you’re supposed to be doing with your life at this moment. This to me is more of a spiritual alignment issue I will get into in other blog posts. But in essence, I believe there are different purposes we’re supposed to be living at different times of our lives. When we are truly inline with what life wants to create through us, the energy and motivation to keep going will be there. For example, this is why an 80 year old man like Burnie Sanders can still run for president. 
  3. You're not aware of the things that are taking you away from doing the work. This is one of the biggest problems for me. I’ve realized I am extremely ADD when I try to focus on anything. Probably why I love having a hotel as it gives me constant external input I have to react to everyday. I realized I like this. I get to feel like I'm working without actually doing much. I can actually see how I would enjoy an Internet business better when I am getting bombarded with emails and orders. Just getting there is the problem. 
  4. Bonus reason, FEAR. The fear of putting yourself out there. You probably have a small following already on social media. The thought of starting something new and announcing to your peers your new big idea is very hard. There will be people that doubt you. You might even doubt yourself and don’t want to be seen as a quitter if you don’t see your new business idea through. 


This time around I believe I am much more aware of these ideas then I’ve ever been. The positive thing is that I’ve never felt life calling me so strongly to put myself out there. Especially now that I just turned 36 years old. I feel like its now or never and I already feel the pain of what it would be like if I died without ever trying. 

The one thing age has given me is more clarity about what my truest passion and purpose is. It’s much easier when you can look back at your life and see recurring patterns that keep coming up. The types of books you’ve been reading for decades, the things you like to talk about more then ever, the things you already have 10,000 hours in and find yourself still passionate about. It’s the momentum you have that will be the easier to pick up and run with.

I’ve become soooo aware of the time wasting activities I keep doing on a daily basis that I’ve literally narrowed down three distinct changes in behavior I could make that would almost guarantee my success. 

These are: 

  1. Don’t check Facebook or social media until noon everyday. Just don’t do it. 
  2. Work for 2 FOCUSED hours every morning on creating quality content for the day. 
  3. Go to the gym at 11am during the week. 

These changes in my behavior alone would completely transform my life and output online. The rest of the day I could simply REACT to the incoming feedback from my content, which I know will create inspiration to spontaneously put out more content, which is what I love. 

In the end I feel ready. I also have more wisdom to not be so hard on myself when I fail, but to just keep macro momentum that builds back into full momentum. 

Im not making any promises this time because I’ve found that it stresses me out and tends to block creativity. This blog post is happening right now, because I feel like its’ the right thing to do right now. Let’s keep it at that.