Top 15 Most Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

I’ve spent the last few weeks researching photographers on Instagram looking for inspiration. I picked my top 15 favorites based on their uniqueness, style and how much they inspired me. They all have different focuses, but are very good at what they do. Here's what I like about each one, plus links to their Instagram profiles. 

Michael Christopher Brown. 

The work of Michael Christopher Brown is pretty incredible. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Or even the wrong place at the right time. I love the emotion and drama he shows in his photos. Just looking at his Instagram feed for a few minutes is like taking a trip around the world into the most daring situations. Very inspiring as I plan my “Women of Colombia” photography tour. I plan on buying his book to learn more about how he thinks about Photography. 

You can follow him on Instagram at

The Blond Abroad

The thing I like about the Blonde Abroad is how she is using various different perspectives in her photography, including the use of a drone, lot’s of self portraits and clever shots of scenery and everyday life that really give you a sense of who she is and what her life is like. I had visions of doing something similar as my photography and web presence evolves.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram at

World Wanderlust

Her life in photos has become my official dream board of how cool life can be. She captures the best of life in colorful and rich snapshots of the moment. I especially like her taste in food. 

Be sure to check out the World Wanderlust on Instagram here:

Trey Ratcliff

Trey’s photos are dramatic and full of detail. His HDR editing is particularly interesting to me. His photos have a surreal and uplifting feel. I absolutely love his Burning Man photos. Very inspiring work that has definitely given me a direction to think of taking my photography.

You can check out more of Trey’s photos by following him on Instagram here:

Jesse Herzog

For sure my other top favorite portrait photographer on Instagram is Jesse Herzog. His photos are very cinematic and show a lot of emotion. His models are top notch and seem to enjoy acting. I’ve been wanting to find more expressive models to work with so his stuff is really inspiring to me. I would love a chance to work with Jesse to see how he directs his models and plans his shoots in general. He is a world class photographer. 

You can follow him on Instagram here:

Haris Nukem

Mind blowing photography. Harris Nukem has definitely nailed a style that is unique to him. I can almost hear the thoughts of his models they are so intense. I keep coming back to look at his photos they had such an impact. I would call him the Eminem of portrait photography. I’m already looking at buying the Canon 5D with the 35mm Sigma Art lens which I read he’s loves using. Hands down an amazing photographer. 

You can follow him on Instagram here:

Expert Vagabond

This guy is definitely living the dream and knows how to capture it with world class photography. His photos have a Nat Geo feel mixed with the lifestyle of the actual photographer. I’ve also really wanted to start adding drone footage to my photography, so to see that this guy traveling the world with an arsenal of different cameras for capturing various perspectives is good to know it can be done without too much trouble.

You can follow him here on Instagram:


This guy is a pro as they get. His photography is so consistent. Every photo, whether it’s architecture, a waterfall or a beautiful woman, just blend together in a way that say’s life is a fucking dazzling. See for yourself.

Here is Ravivora’s Instagram. Join his 700,000+ followers:

This Minty Moment

I learn so much scrolling this Instagram feed. Clean lines, consistent dreamy feel with every photo regardless of the subject. It’s photographers like this that you can measure your own work against to see how much your improving over time. 

You can follow him on Instagram here:

The Taquino Foto

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” When I saw that quote on one of Taquino’s photos, I realized we think much alike. Personally as a creative I’ve gone through moments of existential crisis where you start to wonder if art and photography is worth the effort. But I’ve realized, to create is the very essence of what we are here to do. In other words, if all else fails, just work on making the art that is coming through you for the rest of your life, and you will probably be pretty happy. Taquino photography is diverse and stunning in all it’s forms. 

You can follow him here:


It’s not often that you see a street photographer that shoots only in color. But this guy does an awesome job of it. Street photography is easily one of the most difficult art forms to master in my opinion. It’s so easy to come off cliche in your images no matter how creative they seem. But in his case they are new and interesting to look at. It seems as though he goes against the idea of "fewer subjects the better” and instead captures busy scenes that tell all kinds of stories. 

You can follow him on Instagram here:

Eric Kim

I absolutely love Eric Kim’s approach to photography. Just by reading his blog, I think he’s the kind of guy I would get along with if we ever met. I can tell he studies famous photographers the way I do. He mentions being inspired by the greats like Guy Bourdain and Helmut Newton which are also two of my favorites. Looking at his blog makes me want to start dedicating more time writing about photography, as this art is really starting to take a hold of me. I see that his Instagram feed has changed recently. I really liked the photo of the hand with black nails wiping the forehead of the black man. (Not visible anymore) Really powerful photo in my opinion. I think his photography is on par with some of the best photographers who have ever picked up a camera. If you have spent any amount of time studying good photography, you would see that his stuff is truly world class. 

You can follow Eric Kim on Instagram. here:

You can also check out his website and get on his email list here:

Aaron Berger Foto

Awesome street photographer. Striking photos packed with emotion and intrigue. Every person in his photos seems to be reacting to something. Many times with terror or disgust. I’m not sure how this guy doesn’t have over a 100,000 followers to be honest. His photos keep you scrolling and in awe of how he captured these images. Would be awesome to go shooting with him sometime to see how he does it. 

You can follow him on Instagram here:

Darryll Jones

Very good photographer and equally as good a marketer. Darryll takes staged photos using Star Wars toys acting in scenes combined with inspirational quotes. How can you not become famous with such a unique idea. I actually had a chance to chat over messenger with Darryll for a bit and realized he’s also a really nice guy. We even talked about combining Chubaca with my models. Hopefully it becomes a reality one of these days. He just finished doing a photo gig for Maserati expanding on his genius concept.

You can follow Darryll on Instagram here:


So at 17 years old, this kids put’s us all to shame. His photos are intelligent, experienced and original. I’m sure he had a camera since the age of 5 because it’s pretty amazing to think he could progress so fast in such a short time. It’s going to be fun to watch his photography evolve from here and see what he comes up with. 

You can follow Novess on Instagram here: