About – Nate Bunger

I help people become enlightened business owners 🙂

Hi my name is Nate Bunger and welcome to my about page. 

If you are in the health and wellness industry and looking for a way to get more clients and grow sales quickly then I might have exactly what you've been looking for. 


I help Life & Wellness Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, And Retreat Owners by helping them attract their ideal prospective clients & converting them into qualified book appointments in their calendar. 


I've developed a new cutting-edge client acquisition system that connects you with new & ideal clients who are already ‘in-market’ for your coaching services.

My proprietary system channels your marketing message to the exact, ideal client you’d love to work with and turns them into a booked appointment. 

You will now know down to the DOLLAR & DAY just how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Rather than using a shotgun approach, Wellness professionals can now use a laser-like focus to attract new clients.

We can reach these people anywhere, on any device, on any platform -- and convert them into qualified booked appointments.

To learn more about this life changing program schedule a free strategy call now so we can talk more about how it could grow your business.

More About Me? 

In 2009 I sold all my personal belongings and left the United States to live a life of travel and freedom.

This is me in the Amazon jungle in 2010

As a home builder by trade I had always dreamed of living and developing properties in the pristine landscapes of Latin America.

In 2012, after three years of traveling around South America I arrived in Cali Colombia, the salsa dancing capital of the world. I fell in the love with the city and the energy here, and just got hooked. 

In 2013 I built my first project in the city of Cali called Casa Miraflores, which is a co-living wellness hostel for backpackers and travelers. We've won several prestigious awards and continue to be one of the most sought after accommodations in the city.

I even wrote a book about the experience. 

Today, I have a lot of free time which I dedicate to doing meditation, reading, cooking healthy meals and studying the future trends of business and life on the planet. 

My favorite past times include, dancing salsa, listening to deep house music and hosting dinner parties...

(I've even mastered the art of cooking turkeys!) 😉 

I like working with conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who are trying to create a positive impact in the world through their live’s and businesses. 

I enjoy talking about artificial intelligence, health and wellness, the future of space travel, global living, relationship dynamics, quantum physics, and evolving consciousness. 

What I Believe?

I believe creating morning routines that include visualization, meditation, and journaling is the most powerful way to grow spiritually and create massive transformation in your life.

Here's how I like to start my day... 

I believe that forgiveness and the discipline of bringing confrontation back to love, even if it means taking full responsibility for a situation, is the easiest way to create lasting peace. 

I believe financial and time freedom are the two most critical components to achieving perfect health and true self actualization.

I believe advanced artificial intelligence will be upon us within a decade and cause many people to be without jobs or income and struggling to survive. 

I believe creating an online business centered around a high ticket offer is the key to creating real freedom in your life now, and the most important thing you should be focusing on.

Additionally, I believe the most powerful skills any entrepreneur can learn to survive the world of tomorrow are copywriting, paid advertising and high ticket selling. Learning these skills is a big focus of mine at the moment.

My "WHY" For Doing What I Do?

My dream and WHY, for everything I'm working towards is to buy a large plot of land and build a nature retreat where clients can come to work together in a transformative environment, and learn the skills of survival and wellness in the world of tomorrow. 

I want to have an amazing pack of Belgian Malinois shepherds (one of the smartest dog breeds) that live on the property with me so I can explore the depths of this incredibly evolved relationship between man and dog. 

I want to become a master cultivator of organic foods and learn how to heal people through proper nutrition.

I want to master how to create a perfectly balanced ecosystem in my body. Combining right thinking, right nutrition and right body movement to achieve the highest levels of awareness and health possible.

I want to hold retreats where I teach this path of mastery to others, on my land, through a powerful multi-tiered coaching program that will include four distinct phases:

  1. Creating financial independence and time freedom via an online business.
  2. Build your own self sustaining utopia.
  3. Achieving perfect health and the ability to self cure any disease or ailment.
  4. Achieving total self realization.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to reach out and say hello you can get in touch with me on my contact page here.

If you’re ready for a life changing journey through paradise, schedule a free discovery call now.

I look forward to talking soon!

With love,

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