What People Are Saying

Nate is one of those rare individuals who, by the very act of living his own life with unrelenting passion and enthusiasm, inspires you to do the same.
— Arron Kallenburg, Founder of Alaskan American Apparel
Working with Nate reinforced what I knew, but had almost lost sight of; We all have a purpose in this life. We are here to do great things.
— Blake Flaherty, Tech Consultant, Stanford University
...Nate has a knack for communicating at a level of personal honesty that is both authentic and real. This is more an art than a science, and I want to ensure this talent is given its proper acknowledgements. No matter where he is living or traveling upon this great Earth, Nate is an influencer and carries a presence people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures seem to follow as naturally as water flowing.
— Scott Kiere, CEO Evolutionary Green Holdings, Former Consultant to American Idol
His energy and passion for living life made me believe it is possible to really live the life you want. Nate’s influence and support as well as the creative spirit that he’s created in Casa Miraflores set me on a new and positive path.
— Steven Marriott, Author, Investor, World Traveler